Apr 9, 2012


"I may not be your first, neither your last or your only. You have loved others before, and you may love others again. But if you love me now, nothing else matters. You’re not perfect, neither am i. Two wrongs don’t make a right, the two of us may never be perfect together. But you make me laugh, cause me to think twice, and admit that i’m human and i make mistakes. 

I’ll hold onto you and give you all that i can. You may not think of me every second of the day, but you gave me that most precious thing about you - your heart. So i promise, i’ll never hurt you, i’ll never change you. I won’t over-analyze and expect more than you can give. I’ll smile when you make me happy. I’ll let you know when you make me mad. 

I’ll miss you when you’re not with me.

But most of all, i’ll love you with everything.. ‘Cause you love me."

(source: Gamemip)

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