Mar 29, 2012

Sincerity’s breeze

You might say it’s not action

To etch some more letters on a virtual page

But this is more than a pen pal correspondence

It’s both a cry for help and a declaration of independence

I can’t lie, I get emotional, I get psyched, and I fluctuate back and forth

I live somewhere between right and wrong

And I’m troubled by my righteous indignation

Yet here I am, and it’s who I am

I feel I have something to prove

And I just want that feeling removed

I could focus on the positive

Say it’s all about the future

Tell you I’ve moved on

But I’m on a treadmill of distraction and delusion

Increasing the speed until it demands

Yet here I am in a brief reprieve of not urgent and important

Fleeing towards the opportunity for fulfillment

Like someone awakening from the paramedic’s shocks

I know guilt, regret, and lament are needless weighing rocks

But age and comparisons can put you in a superficial box

I’ve gone further in five years, than the many years before

But I’m measuring a normal pace to one barely off the floor

I hear the calls that I must emotionally break from the past

I understand further pain will come if I don’t implement fast

So, I’m here before you testifying that I may still fall

I may sometimes drop the ball

But it is time to plant new seeds

With sincerity’s breeze

Remembering that it takes many tries

To grow fruitful trees


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